The History of Monday Lake Kennels...

I started training retrievers in the summer of 1982 with a local trainer, Dennis Maus, who had been a trainer for some 20 years. He took me under his wing and taught me his style and system of training for field trials and gun dogs.

Dennis passed away in 1986. With a little push from his wife Gail. I started to train part-time, training 20-25 gun dogs during the summers and falls to follow until 1991, when I made the decision to train retrievers and pointers full-time.

I made a commitment to gun dog training for upland and waterfowl. I try to get the most out of every retriever or pointer that I train. I believe that I have a very efficient "Retrieve to Hand" technique, that keeps the dogs tail wagging from start to finish.

I started to run A.K.C. Hunt Tests in 1991 with some pursuading from Joan Kipping. Joan and I did alot of training together my first few years after turning pro. I have been running hunt tests ever since. Over the last 16 years of Hunt Tests I have trained numerous Junior Hunters, Senior Hunters, Master Hunters, and Shoot-to-Retrieve pheasant dogs. I have also been breeding labradors for over 20 years. We usually have 3-4 proven litters per year.

2008 Monday Lake Kennels Training Group
(Left to Right)
Kim Pfister
Rainmaker Labs
Bella - MH
Chilli - JH
Rainy - MH
Streak - SH
Gumbo - JH
Chad Willger
Duke - Junior Title
Working on Senior 2009
Cory Griffin
Brutus - Working on Junior
Goldie - JH - Working on
Senior Title - 2009
Ron Rizci
Chance - Junior Title
3 passes on Senior Title
Kurt Hallgren
3 passes on Senior Title

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